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Rihanna - S.O.S (Rescue Me)  

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Lalala lalala la la lala la Ohhh
You know I never felt like this before
Lalala lalala la la lala la Ohhh
Feels like something real

[Verse 1]
I'm obessive when just one thought of you comes up
I'm agressive just one thought of closing up
You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue
Da very moment gone you know I miss you
I'm the question an you of course the answer
Just hold me close boy cause I'm your tiny dancer
You make me shaken up, heads are mistaken
But I can't control myself got me calling out for help

[Chorus (2x)]
S.O.S. please someone help me. Its not healthy for me to feel this
Y.O.U. are making this hard, I can't take it see it don't feel right

This time please someone come and rescue me
Cause you or my mind got me losing it
I'm lost you got me lookin for the rest of me (just testing me) but still I'm losing it
This time please someone come and rescue me cause you or my mind got me losing it
I'm lost you got me looking for the rest of me, got the best of me, so now I'm losing it

[Verse 2]
Just your presence and I second guess my insanity
Yes its a lesson and its based on my vanity
My tummy's up in knots sone as I see you I get so hot
Common sense if out the door can't seem to find a lot
Take me (uh huh) you know inside you feel it right
Take me I'ma put desire in your arms tonight
I'm out with you, ya got me head over heels
Boy you got me hanging on by the way you make me feel

[Chorus (1x)]


Boy you know you got me feeling open
And boy your loves enough with words unspoken
I said boy I'm feeling you, you got me open
I don't know what to do its true
I'm going crazy over you I'm begging

[Chorus (1x)]

[Bridge (2x)]

Lala lala lala lala Ohhh
Ohh ohh lala lala lala lala oh o

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